Office 365 Managed Detection and Response

Office 365 MDR
Key Features: 

  • Risk Identification
  • Implement Protective  Controls
  • Detection Tuning
  • Active Protection Validation
  • 24/7 Threat Detection
  • Scenario-Based Hunting
  • Free Form Threat hunting
  • Alert and Detection Tuning
  • Recover From Attacks
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Improved Secure Score 

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SecureSky’s Office 365 security with Managed Detection and Response Service Hardens and Protects Against Attacks

Office 365 Office

Office 365 is one of the most highly utilized SaaS products in the world, also making it a highly targeted environment by cybercriminals. Unfortunately, in efforts to promote the adoption of the cloud version of their productivity suite, Microsoft has allowed inadequate default security protections, threat detection and investigation tools.

In addition, navigating the complex and multiple dashboards, confusing licensing and rapid changes have left many administrators frustrated. Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) often represent that they are configuring security, however, the focus is on operational deployment and basic security settings leaving companies exposed.

Office 365 Security with Managed Detection and Response Services Include:


Risk Identification

SecureSky begins by gaining a thorough understanding of your Office 365 risk profile and objectives. We then harden the environment to limit the effectiveness of an attack.  

Protective Controls 

SecureSky continuously compares existing, or planned, Office 365 environments against best practices, industry benchmarks, and compliance standards. We enable appropriate policies and auditing of protective security controls to detect and re- mediate attacks.    


SecureSky provides threat hunting and investigation of alerts for Office 365 environments. Threat detection is based on scenarios, threat intelligence and free-form analysis of an organizations Office 365 and Azure environments.   

 Response and Recovery

SecureSky takes action when attacks are detected and adds proactive security control to prevent recurrence. SecureSky collects forensic trails to assess external and internal impact, sources and root cause. If needed, we will work with law enforcement or legal investigations.

Based on our O365 security experience and knowledge of today’s cloud-based attack vectors, the SecureSky team has defined very specific configuration and security controls that we continuously assess, configure, monitor and manage that optimize an organizations O365 security posture. Let us manage your O365 security for you, so you won’t have to worry about compromising your organization’s most critical platform.

Brandon Cox

Director, Product Architecture , SecureSky, Inc.

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