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Security Architecture Services 
  • Assess current cloud and network security design and deployment
  • Understand planned cloud migrations
  • Provide a prioritized roadmap to improve the effectiveness of security controls and threat detection capabilities 

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SecureSky bridges cloud-based and network architectures to elevate security maturity

SecureSky provides an assessment of organization’s security technology, tools and processes both as they are designed and operationally deployed, based on security best practices and compliance requirements, resulting in an actionable roadmap of security initiatives aligned with the company’s business objectives.

Services also include vendor-neutral evaluations of how alternative services or technologies could be deployed to improve the security posture.

We provide information technology and security leaders actionable roadmaps, objectives and metrics for planning, budgeting and communication with other business leaders in the organization.

Reporting includes:

  • Description of security services, tools and technology with segmentation, data and validation flows
  • Identification of security gaps, with prioritized recommendations on building a more secure environment
  • A focus on accomplishing goals using cloud-native functionality and existing technology
  • A phased approach to mitigate risk, taking into account the organization’s resource capabilities, budget considerations and user impact 

SecureSky provides an unbiased view of the organization’s current security architecture and future needs for risk protection, scalability, governance and cost management, allowing for proactive planning.

Corey Meyer

SVP of Operations, SecureSky

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