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Cloud Incident Response
  • Provide specialized cloud incident response and forensic investigation
  • Contain and mitigate cloud incidents
  • Assist with internal and external communications 
  • Implement protective controls and detection policies to strengthen defenses

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Incident response for Business Email Compromise (BEC) or Account Takeover (ATO)  

Increased usage of cloud infrastructure necessitates understanding new attack techniques and formulating incident response processes that differ from traditional incident response methods. Additionally, growth in multi-tenant SaaS or subscription models has allowed the malicious use of compromised environments to potentially expand to multiple organizations, making incident containment much more challenging.

SecureSky specializes in cloud incident response and forensic investigation, using proprietary cloud-native tools and techniques, which enable our clients to triage an attack more quickly and reduce the impact. SecureSky also assists our clients in communication with internal teams, vendors, customers and law enforcement during and subsequent to an incident.  Finally, SecureSky’s expertise in cloud protective controls also assists our clients in the recovery phase, implementing root cause changes to prevent a recurrence.

Specialized cloud incident response

Each SecureSky cloud incident response engagement includes:

  • Incident containment and management
  • Forensic data capture
  • Communication processes built on years of incident response experience
  • Recommendations for remediation to reduce future incidents and to improve detection and response capabilities

When a breach occurs, time is of the essence. Organizations cannot afford to spend time learning cloud mitigation techniques or new cloud-native tools during their response.

SecureSky provides cloud-based incident response services, which differ from traditional endpoint-based response techniques. We have the specific expertise and methodologies which let us “follow the trail” in order to contain and mitigate such attacks.

Brian Greidanus

VP, Product and Service Development, SecureSky

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