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Learn more about SecureSky solutions. Get in-depth information about SecureSky cloud security solutions from in our datasheets.

Azure Sentinel Services

SecureSky Azure Sentinel cover

SecureSky Azure Sentinel solutions include Security Consulting, focused on Sentinel deployment and enablement and Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

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MDR Security Services

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SecureSky’s Managed Detection and Response focus is to evaluate lessons learned from detection and response activities, and deploy protective measures.

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O365 Security Services

Learn how SecureSky provides expertise with a step by step process to secure Office 365 and detect any changes to protective controls or threats to the environment.

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Company Overview

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SecureSky delivers a complete portfolio of cloud security solutions to help organizations protect their cloud applications, services and infrastructure.

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Consulting Services

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SecureSky Consulting focuses on identifying risk across your organization, assessing against security best practices and compliance standards.

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