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SecureSky partners with leading technology providers and resellers to provide our clients with industry-leading dynamic cloud security solutions.

Technology Partners

SecureSky works with our Technology Partners to provide state of the art offerings, further enabling our Active Protection Platform and services for our clients.

SecureSky is a Gold Microsoft partner with strong competencies in cloud security. We continuously work with Microsoft to design new ways to deliver cloud-native security technology. SecureSky deploys and secures the entire Microsoft, Azure, and Office 365 security suite, as well Azure Sentinel SIEM and related eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) services.

As a member of the Microsoft MAPP program, SecureSky’s customers gain early access to vulnerability information and MAPP intelligence, allowing us to deploy proactive protections against vulnerabilities and emerging threats to our customers who are using SecureSky’s Active Protection Platform and Managed Detection and Response services.

Microsoft’s Graph Security API unifies security information across multiple Microsoft solutions, enabling real-time configuration control, threat detection and response, and sharing of threat intelligence between the Microsoft security suite and SecureSky’s Active Protection Platform. SecureSky is one of only a few partners authorized to link our solution on the Microsoft site.


SecureSky is a technology partner with AWS, and we provide security and compliance services within the AWS environment. Using SecureSky’s patented Active Protection Platform, AWS customers can gain valuable insight into their configuration risk and threat landscape and use SecureSky’s eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) services to keep their infrastructure safe.

Senserva simplifies the management of Azure Active Directory security risks by continually producing detailed security data. SecureSky integrates this identity and resource data into our Active Protection Platform, enabling risk prioritization and detailed insights into the effectiveness of tenant configurations.


SecureSky utilizes our partnership with Rapid7 to assess and visualize vulnerabilities and risks in the traditional enterprise and cloud infrastructures. Rapid7 technology provides SecureSky with an effective utility to help realize and remediate vulnerabilities within large-scale, dynamic DevOps environments.


SecureSky utilizes our partnership with ThreatQ to provide our clients a deep threat intelligence plaform (TIP), with the functionality to prioritize risk and threat data, collaborate across teams, automate actions and deploy workflows, to provide real-time threat indicators and IOCs to secure cloud environments.


Runway provides asset discovery for public and private cloud, SaaS vendors, traditional data centers, user workstations, mobile devices, routers, printers, IoT devices, and more. SecureSky partners with Runway to extend visibility across the full cloud application stack, to understand configuration risk in Kubernetes, Containers, modern applications, and databases.

Alliance Partners

Our alliance partners provide us the opportunity to stay informed allowing us to transfer this knowledge to our customers.


SecureSky is an active member of the CSA, the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud environment. We help customers architect and align to CSA best practices in our technology as well as our services by participating in research in the following working groups: Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM), Cloud Security Services Management, and Cloud Vulnerabilities.

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) is the leading standard to assess and manage configurations for cloud workloads. SecureSky authors and contributes to multiple CIS SaaS and IaaS benchmarks, including Microsoft Offcie 365, Google Workspace and Azure. SecureSky’s technology uses CIS benchmarks and additional proprietarty SecureSky best practices, to provide our clients with cutting edge protective control and detection policy assessment and enforcement standards.


SecureSky’s executive team and employees have a long-standing relationship with SANS, including John Pescatore, SANS’ Director of Emerging Security Trends, who serves on SecureSky’s Advisory Board. SANS has partnered with SecureSky as a cloud security subject matter expert, and SecureSky is a Platinum Reseller of SANS’ End User Training.

Channel Partners

SecureSky’s has developed relationships with Resellers who take SecureSky’s patented Active Protection Platform and solutions to market, providing end-user cloud-native security solutions.

connecTel is a full-service IT and telecommunications company.  They customize voice, Internet, data, and wireless services to bring solutions to customers at the best possible cost. SecureSky extends connecTel already solid IT offerings with a  full lifecycle approach to securing cloud environments.

SecureSky utilizes our partnership with CyLumena to provide reliable cybersecurity technology, support, and expert guidance.   Our joint mission is to deliver peace of mind to our clients around cybersecurity through a cost-effective combination of preparation and prevention through an approach we call CyberLean.

Ethical Intruder helps customers to build, mature or validate their cybersecurity and compliance programs. Partnering with SecureSky Ethical Intruder leverages SecureSky’s Active Protection Platform offering a continuous assessment of risk and automated enforcement of an organization’s hardened security configuration to proactively reducing risk.

InTech Solutions is a full service IT managed security services firm, partnering with SecureSky to offer customers the Active Protection Platform for Office 365 and other SaaS products. Working together we provide a complete managed security solution that provides continuous detection and response to our client’s cloud environment.

Midwest Cloud Computing and SecureSky offer customers a full lifecycle security solution that includes technology, consulting, hosting and managed detection and response solutions.  As more and more customers are migrating workloads to the cloud and moving to SaaS-based applications our partnership allows these customers to get a best in class security solution that protects their cloud infrastructure all from a single vendor.

Technology Solutions Group is a full service IT consulting firm with capabilities to manage all aspects of your IT environment – from data centers, hardware, software, security platforms to end-user devices. TGS partners with SecureSky to bring additional security solutions into their portfolios such as security consulting and a variety of cloud-native security solutions for their clients’ needs.

NextLink Labs develops digital transformation solutions for small and medium-sized companies to optimize business outcomes and meet the demands of an ever-increasing digital marketplace. Employing the best practices and methods of DevOps, customers transition their collaborative, agile corporate culture and software development projects to operate in more efficient, secure environments that generate a greater ROI!

Zaviant is a leading data security and privacy consulting firm assisting organizations to comply with constantly evolving security frameworks and privacy regulations. Partnering with SecureSky, Zaviant leverages SecureSky’s Active Protection Platform offering a continuous assessment of risk and automated enforcement of an organization’s hardened security configuration to proactively reducing risk.