Active Protection Platform

SecureSky’s Active Protection Platform analyzes input from multi-cloud environments and delivers proactive and automated response for our clients

SecureSky technology protects our clients across multi-cloud SaaS, PaaS and IaaS environments, providing unified risk protection, threat detection and automated response platform. Seamless and effective security for modern cloud users and developers, fully leveraging cloud investments and providing a single pane of glass to control risks and threats.

Patented assessment and protection validation engines and response machine learning using artificial intelligence improves automated response and protective actions over time. Deep security experience and threat intelligence centers ensure that protective actions are on-target and continuously strengthening defenses.

Technology for the Security Lifecycle

Complete Protection From Risk and Threats

SecureSky’s Active Protection Platform provides risk assessment, automated protection, detection and response, threat hunting and intelligence-driven protective actions to continuously strengthen and optimize defenses and reduce resource requirements while mitigating attacks.   

Our Active Protection Platform provides integrated risk and threat visibility, control and automated protection across your multi-cloud environments.

Active Protection Platform
Key Features:

  • Real-Time Visibility

  • Multi-Cloud 

  • Continuous Security Policy Validation 

  • One-Click Configuration, Policy and Threat Remediation

  • Compliance Monitoring and Reporting 

  • Integrated Threat Intelligence

  • Real-Time Threat Protection 

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