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What We Do

  • Manually assess applications and related services to uncover security vulnerabilities
  • Provide in-depth remediation support
  • Closely work with DevOps teams to educate on secure coding and application deployment practices
  • Retest to validate remediation actions
SecureSky Provides Extensive Security Analysis of Web-based Applications

SecureSky Provides Extensive Security Analysis of Web-based Applications

SecureSky proven assessment methodologies are based on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) testing guide, NIST 800-115, and the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) Web Application Methodology.

We use multiple threat intelligence sources, to test based on real-world attack vectors. Our dynamic testing process focuses on logic flaws, unpublished exploits and other risks specific to the application security environment.

SecureSky goes well beyond automated scanning. We manually identify vulnerabilities in the application layer and infrastructure and validate each finding to eliminate false positives. When a vulnerability is found, SecureSky determines how an attacker could exploit it to create a security risk. Our detailed reporting includes root cause analysis and recommendations to remediate the identified vulnerabilities, based on best practices and regulatory requirements.

Our Application Security Assessment includes a review of:

  • Configurations
  • Authentication
  • Input validation
  • Authorization
  • Session management
  • API services
  • Content and data streams

SecureSky emphasizes sharing knowledge and training with your DevOps teams, allowing them to learn and incorporate security measures into your SDLC and operational deployment processes.

Application Security Assessment

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