Cloud Security Assessment

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Cloud Security Assessment
  • Assess protective controls and detection policies versus security benchmarks, best practices and compliance standards
  • Validate compensating controls and actual ris
  • Actionable recommendations to strengthen the environment
  • Assist with remediation design, deployment and testing

Identify gaps in SaaS and IaaS protective security controls

SecureSky reviews cloud application, platform, and infrastructure services, aligning each assessment closely with your company’s use cases, risk profile and objectives.

We assess current configurations and settings and detection capabilities, comparing these findings against security benchmarks, best practices and compliance standards.

We work closely with our clients to coordinate our analysis with the company’s policies, budgets and previously implemented technologies.

Detailed recommendations are provided for improving the company’s protective controls and detection capabilities, clearly articulating the reasoning and compliance reference behind each recommendation, the priority and the estimated remediation effort of each security enhancement.

Finally, our team of experienced consultants will thoroughly present and discuss our findings with client stakeholders, ensuring a complete understanding of the finding and recommended remediation actions. 

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SecureSky, as co-editors and contributors to multiple Center for Internet Security (CIS) Foundations Benchmarks, bases findings on proven best practices and compliance standards. Recommendations are prioritized by:

  • Security and compliance risk
  • Compensating controls or technologies
  • License levels
  • User impact
  • Deployment level of effort

As remediation progresses, SecureSky offers ongoing technology and services to guard against configuration drift and maintain hardened security and compliance standards.

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) Technology and Services

SecureSky’s Active Protection Platform

  • Multi-cloud monitoring of SaaS and IaaS, visualization and risk prioritization
  • Continuous security and compliance configuration and detection policy assessment and validation based on industry-leading benchmarks
  • Available enforcement of security hardened standards
  • Collection of security threat data
  • Streamlined and automated threat response actions

Managed CSPM and eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) Services

  • Ongoing configuration monitoring and management to continuously improve protective controls and reduce attack surface
  • Tier 3 and 4 intrusion analysts, forensic investigators and engineers to work in conjunction with your SOC, NOC or security personnel
  • XDR services couple Active Protection Platform with Azure Sentinel SIEM, for a comprehensive CSPM and threat hunting, detection, and response capability

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