Company mission to secure cloud and cloud-based SaaS environments with proactive risk detection and self-learning AI to adaptively respond to risks

OMAHA, Nebraska November 12, 2018 – SecureSky, Inc., a cloud security management company, announced today the application for a patent to protect their proprietary cloud security solution. The patent includes the architecture, system and methodology of synthetic testing, automatic relationship and application profiling, asset discovery and interactive investigation with self-tuning and training, while using interactive response and post-action bots to automate adaptive defense measures.

SecureSky founder and Chief Executive Officer Michael Hrabik said, “Our experience and research with leading CISOs and security experts finds that even if there was not the current substantial and growing shortage of cybersecurity skills, human analysis and response cannot keep up. The complexity, speed and potential scale of cyber attacks in today’s cloud and hybrid environments is just too extensive.” Hrabik explained the key elements of the solution include proactive testing with automated response and adaptive protection that learns over time. “This is the only way in this day and age to provide true security.”

SecureSky was formed by Hrabik to address the growing cybersecurity risk created by rapid cloud adoption and the dissolution of traditional network boundaries. He saw the growing cybersecurity skills shortage, the misperception of security responsibilities between clients and cloud providers and an ever-increasing regulatory compliance demand, all coming together to create environments that require more sophisticated security measures than those currently available.

About SecureSky

SecureSky, Inc., is a cloud security management company, providing a full portfolio of cloud security services and business relevant metrics that enable executive and board level engagement, and helps organizations fully secure their cloud workloads, data, applications and infrastructure. We assist clients in utilizing cloud-native and third-party tools, as well as incorporating their cloud security initiatives into a unified security program. The goal is to securely accelerate our clients’ usage of IaaS and SaaS while reducing risk and operational costs. Offerings include Security Consulting, Managed Detection and Response and a patent-pending, active prevention and interactive threat validation and response engine.