Managed Detection and Response

SecureSky MDR Focuses on Continuous
 Risk Reduction and Proactive Threat Protection

Organizations today constantly find themselves reacting to threats, and challenged to find resources capable of advanced detection, investigation and response due to the growing cyber-security skills shortage.

SecureSky analyzes alerts to reduce false positives and “noise,” reducing unneeded alert volumes, and focussing on the alerts that matter. As true alerts are detected and responded to, SecureSky deploys protective measures to stop that threat from recurring across our customer base.

Over time, as protective controls and detection policies are strengthened, threat volumes will decrease, allowing detection and response resources to focus on emerging true threats to the environment.

SecureSky Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services Give Organizations Expert Protection and Detection Capabilities

Our MDR team will work closely with you to:

  • Guide deployment of cloud-native tools for centralized log collection, detection, analytics and investigation
  • Validate current configuration and implement native protective controls and detection policies
  • Configure validation technology to test existing protective controls and detection policies
  • Implement scenario-based threat hunting playbooks and schedules
  • Determine use cases and threat intelligence sources for free-form threat hunting
  • Define response actions and escalation procedures
  • Plan recovery optimization processes, as threats are found, to strengthen the environment and prevent a recurrence.

SecureSky MDR Service Features

  • Risk Identification
  • Implement Protective  Controls
  • Detection Tuning
  • Active Protection Validation
  • Threat Detection
  • Scenario-Based Threat Hunting
  • Free Form Threat Hunting
  • Alert and Detection Tuning
  • Recovery From Attacks
  • Continuous Improvement

“SecureSky, thank you for taking away my daily phishing email fire drills and the endless amount of alerts that were just noise!   I have a life again and I’m able to focus on the alerts and data that matter most in protecting our cloud environment!”

Director IT Security, Northeast Insurance Company

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