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Compliance Services
  • Provide in-depth  compliance expertise to each engagement
  • Assist clients in meeting regulatory compliance, especially in cloud utilization, where many compliance standards are behind
  • Represent client issues with leading cloud compliance governing bodies 

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    Understand compliance services in the cloud, build compliance into DevOps and reduce cloud risk. 

    SecureSky has expertise in all major information security frameworks and standards including PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, HITRUST, ISO 27001:2, NIST, GDPR, FISMA and others.

    Many compliance frameworks and standards have not fully addressed their application and measurement of maturity in cloud environments. Modern DevOps processes are also often lagging in building compliance into their development and deployment pipelines. SecureSky assists organizations in understanding the intent of regulations and applying them in a practical, scalable and repeatable manner.  

    SecureSky views compliance as an outcome of a robust security program. Our security-focused approach provides our clients with governance, risk management and compliance services, maturing their information security posture while meeting regulatory requirements. 

    Many organizations view compliance as a burden, or a required function forced on them. Compliance, security, privacy and operating groups can work together to meet business objectives, manage risk and strengthen the company’s security posture. SecureSky identifies and prioritizes compliance requirements and helps our clients make informed decisions that benefit their company.

    Court Little

    VP Development and Operations, SecureSky

    Shaping tomorrow’s compliance landscape.

    SecureSky is active in multiple cloud compliance and framework organizations, helping shape tomorrow’s compliance landscape, and assuring our work is aligned with current and future regulations.

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