Azure Sentinel Deployment and Enablement

What we do

Azure Sentinel Deployment
  • Azure Sentinel design and use case assessment
  • Configuration of the Sentinel cloud instance
  • On-boarding of Data Sources
  • Build playbooks with automatic alert triggers
  • Tuning of alerting scenarios
  • System training and integration into your security program

SecureSky’s team of cloud security experts are there each step of the way to design, configure and optimize Sentinel for your environment.

Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform that aggregates data from multiple sources, including users, applications, servers and devices running on-premises or in any cloud, letting you analyze millions of records in a few seconds.

Azure Sentinel includes built-in connectors for easy onboarding of popular security solutions and can collect data from any source using open standards like CEF and Syslog.  Sentinel has no upfront cost, with pricing based on usage.

Building protective cloud security measures to stop threats before they disrupt your business, and quickly detecting and responding to new threats, is the SecureSky mission. With years of experience building and managing SIEMs, SecureSky recognizes that Azure Sentinel addresses many of the issues that plague traditional SIEMs – cost and time associated with deploying hardware or virtual data collection appliances, speed of connectivity to security logs and visibility into risk and threats across multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Sentinel provides efficient data queries, built-in analytics, and a strong security orchestration automation and response engine (SOAR).

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SecureSky Sentinel Deployment and Enablement Services include:

  • SIEM use case assessment and identification of key technologies for effective detection
  • Build and configuration of Sentinel cloud instance
  • Sentinel agent deployment (if required)
  • Onboarding of log data, using SecureSky proprietary and native Sentinel connectors
  • Creation of client dashboards
  • Development of threat hunting templates
  • Building and tuning of alerting scenarios for investigative case generation
  • Setup of playbooks to execute automatically when an alert is triggered
  • Client security team detection and response training.
Active Protection Platform for Azure Sentinel Deployment


Azure Sentinel MDROnce you have fully configured, deployed and maximized your protection with the power of Azure Sentinel, let SecureSky complete your security program by utilizing SecureSky’s  Azure Sentinel Managed Detection and Response services  Using SecureSky’s MDR services you ensure your cloud environment is secure and stays secure eliminating the chance of compromise.   

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