Azure Sentinel Deployment

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Azure Sentinel Deployment
  • Use case assessment
  • SIEM deployment and configuration
  • Data source prioritization, connectivity, onboarding, and configuration
  • Alerting rules, workbooks, and queries for investigation and threat hunting
  • Orchestrated actions, both analyst-triggered and automated response
  • System training and integration into your security program

Azure Sentinel Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Platform

Azure Sentinel addresses many of the issues that plague traditional SIEMs – cost and time associated with deploying hardware or virtual data collection appliances, speed of connectivity to security logs and visibility into risk and threats across multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Sentinel provides efficient data queries, built-in analytics and strong security orchestration automation and response engine (SOAR).

Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native SIEM that aggregates data from multiple sources, including users, applications, servers and devices running on-premises or in any cloud, allowing for the analysis of millions of records. Data source connectors enable onboarding of many security solutions, as well as provide for open standards such as CEF and Syslog.

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Azure Sentinel Structure

Azure Sentinel is built on Azure infrastructure, allowing high-scale, flexible security, while reducing security infrastructure setup and maintenance. Together with Azure Log Analytics, this enables rapid connection to data sources, pre-built functionality, visibility to multi-cloud and hybrid environments and powerful analytics.

SecureSky Sentinel Deployment and Enablement Services 

  • SIEM use case assessment and identification of key technologies for effective detection
  • Deployment and configuration of Azure Sentinel
  • Agent deployment (if required)
  • Connection to, onboarding and configuration of log data
  • Creation of client dashboards / visualizations
  • Development of investigation and threat hunting queries
  • Building and tuning of security alert scenarios for investigative case generation
  • Setup of playbooks, or response actions, to execute manually or automatically when an alert is triggered
  • Ongoing knowledge transfer and training

Managed Sentinel and eXtended Detection and Response

Azure Sentinel MDROnce you have configured, deployed and optimized protection with   the power of Azure Sentinel, let SecureSky complete your security program by utilizing SecureSky’s  eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) services.

  • Ongoing maintenance and tuning of deployed data sources
  • Development of additional detection, query and response actions
  • Threat hunting, detection, and response
  • Expert analysis of risk landscape to continuously improve protective controls and minimize threats


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