To Provide Deep and Enriched Data for the SecureSky Active Protection Platform

St. Paul, Minnesota December 8, 2021 – SecureSky, a leading Cloud and SaaS Security Posture Management (CSPM/SSPM) company announced it has partnered with Senserva, LLC, a leading cloud security provider that produces enhanced visibility, analytics, and risk prioritization of security. entitlement/Identity and compliance.
Senserva simplifies the surfacing of Azure Active Directory security risks by continually analyzing and enriching detailed cloud activity data that is the foundation of Identity and entitlement management. SecureSky’s Active Protection Platform integrates Senserva’s data as part of its comprehensive multi-cloud solution and services. The combination presents filtered relevant data that can be communicated and acted upon for end-to-end cloud management that continuously reduces business risk.
“SecureSky enables organizations to actively manage their cloud risk,” said Michael Hrabik, SecureSky Chief Executive Officer. “The deep insights into user identity and behaviors provided by Senserva are key to applying zero and adaptive trust principles, permitting SecureSky to discern user and entitlement risk automatically and modify responses accordingly.”
“The Senserva and SecureSky partnership provides our customers innovative technologies to simplify, automate and bring more value to enterprise cloud security,” said Mark Shavlik, Senserva Chief Executive Officer “As cloud computing becomes more pervasive, complexity to quickly identify security, entitlement and compliance risk exposure grows exponentially.  Together we identify and remediate the threats before they cause impact”.
About Senserva
Senserva, a Globee named Startup of the Year in Cloud Management Solutions that automates the process of empowering enterprises to meet compliance requirements, reduce data breaches, escalation of privileges, and configuration drift through continuous identification and prioritization of risks. Unlike other solutions, Senserva’s patent-pending technology and industry experience led by Microsoft expert Mark Shavlik allows customers to identify cloud risks in less time with reduced complexity through data analysis. For more information, please visit:
About SecureSky
SecureSky is a continuous Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) provider, supporting eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) and security consulting services. SecureSky delivers full security visibility, from workloads to the application layer, and assists organizations in incorporating cloud risk management into their unified security program. SecureSky’s CSPM platform provides cloud-native, automated, and integrated protection, as the rapid adoption of IaaS and SaaS accelerates cloud-based attacks.