Providing a full portfolio of cloud security services to accelerate usage of IaaS and SaaS as a foundational part of business


Omaha, October 1, 2018 — SecureSky, Inc., a cloud security management company, today announced its launch. Founded by Chief Executive Officer Mike Hrabik and Board Chairman Steve Idelman, the organization has assembled a team of broadly experienced Managed Security and Cyber Security experts in order to address The Perfect Cyber Storm.

“The combination of rapid cloud adoption and the dissolution of traditional network boundaries, the growing cybersecurity skills shortage, the misperception of security responsibilities between clients and cloud providers, increasing threats and regulatory compliance demands, have all come together to create The Perfect Cyber Storm. This requires organizations to now have more proactive and dynamic security measures than ever before,” said CEO Hrabik.

“We formed SecureSky to help companies protect their environments against high-scale compromises that are further enabled by this Perfect Cyber Storm. Our job is to provide our client’s visibility and security across their cloud environments to address their growing security and compliance challenges,” added Idelman.

Previously Hrabik was Global Chief Technology Officer and Americas Chief Executive Officer, for NTT Security, Inc., a subsidiary of Fortune Global 100 NTT. Prior to the acquisition by NTT Holdings of Solutionary, Inc., he was co-founder, President and Chief Technology Officer of Solutionary, a managed security services company, and the principal architect for Solutionary’s patented ActiveGuard® platform and Security Operations Centers (SOCs). He has more than 25 years of executive experience in technology and security services organizations, where diversity and complexity require the integration of people, process, and innovative technologies.

Idelman is formerly a co-founder and CEO of Solutionary, having stepped down at the end of 2016.  He and Hrabik have worked with each other for 30 years and have a track record of success endeavoring together.

About SecureSky

SecureSky, Inc., is a cloud security management company, providing a full portfolio of cloud security services and business relevant metrics that enable executive and board level engagement, and helps organizations fully secure their cloud workloads, data, applications and infrastructure. We assist clients in utilizing cloud-native and third-party tools, as well as incorporating their cloud security initiatives into a unified security program. The goal is to securely accelerate our clients’ usage of IaaS and SaaS while reducing risk and operational costs. Offerings include Security Consulting, Managed Detection and Response and a patent-pending, active prevention and interactive threat validation and response engine.